Red Sky at Night


Red Rock Crab

Autumn in the Rainforest

Something Below the Surface

Woman Dragging Black Flag on Beach

Light Around the Corner

Cauliflower Mushroom


Arcadia Beach

Wild Rose

Golden Chanterelle

Haystack and the Needles

Pelagic Gooseneck Barnacles

Drift Log in Stormy Sunset

Brooding Anemone on Kelp Holdfast

Sand Erosion and Accretion

Shiner Surfperch

Daisy Brittle Star on Kelp Holdfast

Swirling Sky

Chum Salmon in the Forest

Rainbow Over the Forest

Windblown Grassblade Scratching Semicircle in the Sand

Forest Stream

Chapman Point Sand Dunes

Witch's Butter Fungus on Drift Log

Sand Patterns

Chapman Point

Ecola Creek Forest Reserve

Arcadia Beach Sea Cliff

Waterfall at Crescent Beach

Drift Log at Seaside Beach

Japanese Woodblock

Red Rock Crab Claw

Field of Frozen Lava

Conk in a Rainstorm

Sun and Rock


Red-eye Medusa

Chapman Point

Oyster Mushrooms

Picture Window

Rainstorm at Sea

Sunset on the Slant

Bird Rocks

Golden Boulder at Ecola

Yellow-spotted Millipede

Phalarope Rescue

Rough-skinned Newt Rescue

Eric Owen with Hedgehog Mushrooms

Reflecting with Coffee

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